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The show by and for transgender people full of historical and educational content from the perspective of a Southern transgender woman, you never know what’s coming next, but you do know that you don’t want to miss it!

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A note concerning what I mean by ‘by and for transgender people’
from Episode 2:

I had someone ask after the first episode, what did I mean by ‘for transgender people? So I figured it might be a good idea to give what is essentially a statement of purpose for what I’m trying to do here.

I would like for the content created here to be a resource for people in the transgender community and their allies. I am a history nerd by nature, so there will be a lot of episodes highlighting different transgender, nonbinary, and third gender people and communities in history, but there will also episodes about what it is like to transition, along with some interviews asking friends and family for their perspective, really anything that could be helpful data for the community.

So if you are considering transitioning, I want there to be helpful data here. If someone you know is transitioning and you are trying to figure out what that will look like, or how you can be supportive, I want this to be helpful for you too. The only thing that will not be here is any kind of debate or something like a video response. There are plenty of people covering that, but I want this to be a 100% safe place free of that kind of hateful vitriol. Over time, I would like for this to be a place you can point people who have questions regarding transgender issues from virtually any perspective.

To that end, episodes will continue to be on the shorter end. At some point I would love to do some deep dives, but in the main we’ll be providing just enough depth for context.